Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 9

Today was the shortest day yet, just 35 miles from Scapoose, OR to Justin's house in Tigard, OR. I scored a sweet camping spot under a pavilion the night before, so I planned to just hang out there till the afternoon so I could get to the house by 6. Thankfully Justin offered to open his apartment during his lunch, so I packed up quickly and headed to his house.

The ride to Portland went by fast despite the never ending rain. Then the ride through Portland was less entertaining than I was hoping for since I only witnessed one hipster. Justin informs me that there isn't anything unique to Portland besides the hipsters and whatnot. 

I did run into another bike tourist who was taking a rest along a steep hill in Portland. He had just started his Trans-America tour today from Portland to Virginia. He looked completely exhausted, so I realized that I'm in better shape than I thought. The hills of the 101 will be the deciding factor however. 

Anyways, I got through Portland and headed toward the apartment. I turned on the road Justin lives on and went down a mile. The house was just a half mile away and a heard a Beep-BeepBeepBeepBeep-BeepBeep. Ah it was Justin, driving up behind me in his silver Accord. He drove ahead so I knew where his driveway was. As I got closer, I saw Justin walk around the corner with a camera. "Are you taking a video?!"


  1. The Jon and Justin Show. i'd watch that! Hahaha. You're in quite a bit of clothing, was it cold?

  2. It has been quite chilly for a good portion of the trip. The ride to Justin's house was chilly and rainy, so I bundled up.