Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 31

June 22, 2011

Today I rode from Kirk Creek Campground to Hearst San Simeon State Park. I woke up, ate my breakfast and got ready to go. I was just about to pull out of the campground and was going to say goodbye to Mike at the neighboring campsite, but he was about to leave too. So we decided to just ride together for the day.

I love these roads that are on the edge of the cliff. It gets the adrenaline pumping.

The ride was pretty nice and it was cool riding with someone else. The ride started with a long climb after a town called Gorda. During the climb we saw a group of cyclists doing the climb at about the same pace as us. They had several SUVs and a big truck carrying all their stuff and one of the suvs was trailing the riders to keep the traffic down. It looked pretty plush. After the fun descent we stopped at Ragged Point where the other cyclists had stopped for a break. They were a boy scout troop doing a week long supported tour. The troop leader came up and talked with us and one by one the scouts started coming up too. It was kind of funny because the man was telling all the scouts about my bike, explaining every little detail, and saying that if they ever go on a self-supported tour, they should do it just like I did it. He made me look like I was super well prepared and looking back at the tour I think he's right. I've been very happy with my preparation for this tour and I've met lots of people who have ended up getting in some unpleasant situations because they were unprepared.

Anyways, we said goodbye to the scouts and headed down the road, hoping to get a few more miles before lunch time. The scouts were in a few groups and the fast group passed us along with the troop leader in his SUV. He stopped ahead of us and took some action photos of us riding while he cheered us on. Just another mile down the road Mike and I stopped at a creek for lunch, gorging myself with vast amounts of peanut butter, bread, and fruit.

Elephant seals fighting

The day really passed by fast because it was pretty flat and we had a tail wind the whole time. Along the way we stopped at a couple beaches to look at elephant seals and to just chill. We arrived at the camp ground and just chilled for the evening. There was a beach nearby so we went over there, looked for cool pebbles, and grabbed some driftwood for a fire. After putting an enormous amount of effort into building a fire, I finally got it to start. Stupid fog makes everything damp.

Mike at the beach

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