Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 23

June 14, 2011

I had heard that the Mendocino Coast was a very special place and it definitely was. I had seen pictures before of some of the hills north of San Francisco. They were very grassy with interspersed patches of grass and trees. Very pretty. The whole day was filled with these very pretty hills, passing along the coast line.

I realized that I had been pushing myself too hard 2 days ago and decided that I'd slow down some and take more rests. It was very helpful to stop at the top of all the short climbs, take 30 seconds of a break and continue. It's can be a bit discouraging to have so many ups and downs and not gain any elevation.

I had great weather all the day long and most of the climbs I did weren't bad. There were some longer ones, but they weren't very steep. When I was at the grocery store in Fort Bragg I met a man who warned me about a hill just past Elk River. You never really know how bad a hill is when you hear it from someone who just drives the hill, but I remembered his warning and expected to have a very steep climb. Well it sure was steep.

It was a fun hill to go up though.

I made it to my campsite at Manchester Beach at 3:15, which is quite early, so I went down to the beach to write in my journal. The waves looked pretty intense there.

I spent the rest of the evening eating and reading next to my campfire. Pretty good day.

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