Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 28

 I planned on taking a rest day at New Brighton State Beach near Santa Cruz, but I found out from the ranger that it's illegal to stay there more than one night. I was really angry at first, but it turns out that I signed a contract that said it. So I should have just read the contract better. So I decided to just not take a rest day and ride the 40 miles to Monterey, CA. The ride looked pretty easy and I figured I'd have a tailwind since it surely would give me another headwind.

The day started out with lots of pretty farms with easy hills. Most of the crops were strawberries so it smelled so good! I was very tempted to steal strawberries.

I stopped to eat lunch at Moss Landing and then soon afterward I found an awesome place. It's called "The Whole Enchilada" and it's a fruit and vegetable stand. It was all ridiculously cheap, so I stocked up on fruit and veggies, spending $1.19

I was on a bike trail for the last 10 miles and it was pretty nice. There are these little plants that grow on sand dunes very well for some reason and they're very pretty because they're green and red.

I arrived at Monterey and climbed up the tallest hill in town to get to my campground. Heck of a campground I chose with that climb. It was a very difficult climb. At the top, I sat down and started my ice cream while August and Sydney rode up. They are a couple who have been at about 4 of the same campgrounds as me at the same time, so I've seen them a ton. Most people don't go the same pace, but they seem to be going the exact same pace as me and like to stay at hiker/biker sites like I do. They didn't have maps for the last leg of their trip, so I let them take pictures of mine and I finally had a chance to talk to them. It was good getting to know them a bit and I'm sure I'll run into them later on the road. Rest day tomorrow. Woohoo!

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