Saturday, March 10, 2012

Music I Recorded on my Phone

I have a very fun app on my phone called Garageband. It cures boredom like nothing else. Here are some songs that I recorded on my phone.


  • Please forgive my lack of conclusiveness for almost all these songs. Garageband automatically loops songs, so I typically don't feel the need to conclude anything.
  • Also, please forgive my failure to come up with a single interesting/non-cheesy song name. 
  • If you're curious, all the songs are original except for Take Heart, in which I play the guitar lick from Hillsong's song by the same name. 
  • I blame all bad rhythm and wrong notes on bumpy roads as most of these were recorded while I was riding the bus.
  • The really short songs will be much more enjoyable if you download them and put them on repeat on iTunes. It's too bad the free version of SoundCloud doesn't allow for that feature.
  • Feel free to download the music and sell it for millions of dollars.