Monday, October 20, 2008

The Burraco

With the help of Lexi and James, I have a new idea for a mexican food. It's called the burraco. It is a hybrid of the burrito and taco. It is similar to a soft taco since it is wrapped with a tortilla and has no beans. This food will have delicious looking meat, cheese, and vegetables on the very outside edge but on the inside all you will find is rice. The basic idea is that it looks amazing from the outside but once you take a bite you realize it's not that great.

The price of this food at a restaurant is dependent on the customer's income. Rich people will pay a large percentage of their total income and the poor will pay a small percentage of their total income.

Restaurants that serve this food will be required to provide medical attention to all those who choke on the burraco. All customers will be treated equally in their medical needs. But since the restaurants gain no benefit for providing this service, customers will receive low-quality care. Since medical care will be complimentary, many customers will submit requests for medical attention for trivial illnesses and injuries. This will evidently lead to long lines and will force those who are actually dying from the food to wait in line for treatment.

Bon appetit!