Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 10

Day 10 was a rest day at Justin's house in Tigard, OR plus a car ride to Tillamook, OR. It was very nice to just sit around and do very little. I just did some laundry, posted some blogs, ate a bunch of Justin's food, and then got a ride out to Tillamook that evening. It was great seeing Justin and meeting a few of his friends, so I need to visit the Portland area again, only for more than a day next time.

Come 5:30, I rode my bike up to Justin's work to save some time for the ride out to Tillamook. It was only 3 miles, so I think I can still consider it a rest day. We were able to cram my bike and all my bags into his Honda Accord and head out pretty quickly. It was a very pretty drive with no traffic thankfully. There were lots of hills and the sky was nice and sunny with several clouds in the sky. There were several farms on the hillsides, which I thought were beautiful. The closer we got to Tillamook, the better the weather got. I had heard it was supposed to rain that night, so I was surprised to see the nice weather.

As we passed through the mountains, Justin had the brilliant idea to make a video of us talking. Sounds awesome huh? So I propped the camera on the dashboard and we made this video, which is a very poorly made video full of exagerations and outright unnecessary lies. It's also very long. Nevertheless, here it is, for your viewing pleasure. (If you didn't know, Justin and I used to record "radio" shows on cassette tapes. It was called the Jon and Justin Show).

When we arrived in Tillamook, we stopped at a pizza place to grab some dinner and watched the Cardinals-Giants baseball game. After the 8th inning, we left the restaurant to head to my campsite 10 miles away and made it there just in time for sunset.

As we drove around the campground Justin noted that being out there at the campground made him happier than usual to be sleeping in a nice warm house tonight. I just nodded thinking to myself, Yeah, I hope it doesn't rain. We said our goodbyes and I believe Justin took a video of me riding off into the sunset. Speaking of the sunset, it was awesome and my campsite was just about 20 feet from the beach.

I have a feeling the Oregon coast is going to be awesome.

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