Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Second Most American Sport

It is now officially football season. It has been for a few weeks now right? Football is a great sport. There are all kinds of really cool things about football that this post will explore in detail. There are also really annoying/lame things that have to do with football. I realize that since I have some friends that are pretty big football fans, they may be offended by my very short rant on the few things I don't like about football.
My favorite thing about football is how much of a team sport it is. You have these very intricate plays that are well designed and completely dependent on how well ever single player follows the plan. The quarterback knows exactly where every body is going to be running and if you aren't where you should be, he might just end up throwing an interception right to the place where you should have been. You usually need like 5 guys at the front protecting their quarterback and if you mess up at that job, everybody is going to be mad and your QB might lose his head.

There is no sport closer to a battlefield than football. It's like the good ole days when the soldiers would all line up about 50 feet away from each other, and hope and pray that their musket would shoot one of the guys over there. The football players just line up and do every thing they can to get the ball to the touch down. They'll push, shove, tackle, clothesline, poke eyeballs, etc.

Two words: Human Barricade. Blocking is great. Yes there is some blocking in other sports and I like it when it's used in other sports too. But football is really the perfect sport for blocking. In basketball, blocking is useful, but kind of silly because you aren't really protecting your teammate from danger, just from a blocked shot or a steal. I just like the idea of blocking off your opponents, making a nice stream line for your running back. It's cool stuff.

Unfortunately, to go along with the whole Battlefield, Human Barricade mentality, many people look at other sports and say they are for wimps. Okay, football and hockey and rugby and other hitting sports are cool for their hitting. But there's much more to sport than hitting. Sure it's fun to watch, but there's more to be enjoyed. I start to lose respect for people when they start to talk about how some sports are for wimps. You sir, don't understand sports. Determining whether some activity is a sport or not is a different question like poker or cheer leading or chess (Yeah I said chess. My school sent out an email for IM sports and one of them was chess. No kidding.).

Also, football isn't that much fun to play in person. It's okay. I could think of less fun sports to play. But, it's just not that great. If you have 4 or 5 guys who have the option of getting the ball (besides the QB), then that means you have to run all over the place 4-5 times and only 1 time out of 4-5 will you get the ball. You try your darndest to get away from your corner back, but rarely get the ball. Unless you're that guy who's really good. You'll get the ball plenty since you'll be taking all the passes away from the other 3-4 receivers. Now if there were plays and everybody had a job, that would be pretty fun. I'd be happy with that, but that would take more coordination than is usually had. I would much rather play volleyball. Maybe I've just gotten "old" and lazy, cuz when I was in middle school I loved playing football.

That is all. Football is cool. There are some less cool things about it, but for the most part it's pretty sweet. As far as watching goes, it's probably my 3rd favorite after baseball(yep) and basketball. As far as playing goes, it's my 5th favorite after volleyball, basketball, baseball, and soccer (excluding disc golf since that's more of an activity than a sport).

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