Friday, October 1, 2010

A Routine Morning Gone Awesome

What a morning. Have you ever had one of those mornings that are just epicly crazy? Well mine was pretty crazy. It all started at 5:00AM...

I woke up in a panic because of the terrified screams coming from upstairs. My heart started pounding really fast and I just wondered what was going on up there. This whole episode didn't last very long though because I soon heard The Mama's voice calming The Kids down. I'm pretty sure I was only awake for maybe 30 seconds and I fell asleep really fast for the last 45 min I had to sleep. Adventure #1 of the day.

I ate my Quaker Oats granola like I do every single day with 2% milk, which is so much better than the skim milk I drank through most of my childhood. I went downstairs and read my Bible while drinking my coffee, sitting in the green rocking chair downstairs like I do every single day. I read a chapter in Proverbs about The Adulteress and it was pretty epic. I went upstairs after 2 cups of coffee to take my shower like I do every day and The Mama told me that the bathtub wasn't draining too well today. No biggie, I spent most of my childhood using a shower that persistently wouldn't drain right. So I took my shower, flossed and brushed my teeth just like I do every single day.

I went back downstairs at 6:45, the same time I go downstairs every single day, and threw my clothes in my laundry basket. I heard water from above me and didn't think too much of it because I can hear water in the pipes pretty well from my room. But the water wasn't in the pipes this time. The water was dripping down on top of my TV cabinet and it started coming out really fast! I quickly unplugged everything and took all the electronics from the cabinet and put them on my bed. I grabbed my trash can to catch all the water because a lot had already fallen down to the carpet. I cleared the immediate area of all items that were getting wet, including all my shoes, my bike gear, my hats, etc. I took out one of my plastic drawers, emptied it, and placed it on the cabinet for a larger container to hold all the water. I noticed there was a pool of water in my closet too and there was water dripping down inside a sub-closet within the closet. I put my trash can inside there to catch that water and then heard more water dripping down from a different location in my room, through the ceiling tiles. I got a third trashcan that we use to put lint in to catch that water. I started using my towel to sponge all the water from my closet into one of my plastic water catchers, then once all the water was cleaned up and the water quit dripping, I dried off the cabinet, slid it across the room, and set up some fans to dry off the carpet while I was gone. Adventure #2 of the day.

I knew I had missed the normal 16L bus that I would normally ride to Golden every day, so I went ahead and left the house, in hopes to catch the next 16L. I was feeling lazy so I put my bike on the 1 for a quick ride up to Colfax. This takes the same amount of time as biking, but takes less energy on my part (I very rarely do this). Got to Colfax and waited for the 16L. It got there just a few minutes late and I saw that 2 bikes were already on the bike rack on the front. I asked the driver if there was room in the back and their wasn't. I used to get really ticked off whenever this happened, but I have realized it's not worth getting mad. Just wait for the next bus and accept getting to work a little late. Instead of waiting for the 16L, I decided to try to get on the 16, which only goes part of the way down Colfax to Simms, then turns off colfax. Well the 16 was full too and had no room for my bike and after having my old Specialized stolen a few months ago, I was not willing to just lock up my Bianchi.

As soon as the driver told me this, I started riding along Colfax towards golden. The 16 is really slow because it has more stops, so I was doing a decent job keeping up with it. I realized that I could just keep up with the bus till the people with bikes took theirs off. Brilliant idea! So I did this and it was pretty easy to keep up. Passed Sheridan, passed Wadsworth, still keeping up with the bus, but the 2 bikes were still on there. Are you serious! I started having thoughts of actually getting all the way to Simms before the bus had room for my bike. I was ahead of the bus and I got to Garrison. I saw the bus pass me and saw that there was one spot for a bike! There were people at the next stop that would stop the bus, so I could catch up and get on. Oh wait, there's a man with a bike at that stop and he's not going to let me just ride up and put my bike on the bus. Dang it! Oh well. I kept riding and realized I was getting dangerously close to Simms and I was still keeping up with the bus. Well the bus passed me a few blocks before Simms and I didn't catch up in time to ride it one block to get to Simms, only to get off and wait for the 16L.

I got to Simms and decided that I was tired and called RTD to see when the next 16L was coming and it was coming in only 10min, so I decided to wait. I had enough exercise for the morning and if I could get on this bus, it would get me to work before 9. As soon as I hung up, while I was still straddling my bike, I heard a man yell from behind me.

Hey! You damn near beat the bus all the way to Simms! Yeah, I kept up with him for a while. Well, good job.

Boy, that made my day! I kept up with the bus for 5.2 miles. Take that, RTD!
Adventure #3 for the day.

P.S. Oh parents, please forgive me for cussing. It was needed to get the point across.

Song of the Day: You Are The Best Thing by Ray LaMontagne

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