Thursday, October 7, 2010

Livin' in da Ghetto

Some people would say I live in a ghetto neighborhood. Some people would say that we have a gang problem in our neighborhood. Some people would say it's a dangerous neighborhood. Well I say, those people are right!

It's a ghetto neighborhood, when you compare it to most of Golden. The streets aren't well kept, lots of people don't have pristine yards because there isn't a nit-picky neighborhood union that makes sure everything is perfect. There's lots of barking dogs in the neighborhood, mostly Chihuahuas, which in my opinion are the best guard dog ever because they bark like crazy every single time someone comes within 10 feet of the fence. Most of the cars you see aren't Lexii (Plural for Lexus). Everyone has a 2000 pickup or a 95 ghetto. You buy meat at the Carcineria or bread at the Panaderia or candy at the Dulcineria and they actually give you a 3 cent discount on your Barbacoa (goat head) because it costed $4.03. People just aren't picky enough there. They don't realize that living the American dream means having your perfect house, perfect yard, and doing your darndest to make sure your neighbors have the same, so as not to make you look bad. It's so ghetto. I can't believe it.

It has a horrible gang problem too when you compare it to pre-school. I've seen probably like 4 or 5 cars that are all sooped up with either the wheels that look too big for the SUV or wheels that look too small for the SUV. Those people are undoubtedly in a gang. Guys'll get on the bus and see one of their gang friends and give them a high-five (Dame cinco if they're speaking spanish) followed by a fist pound. Gangstas, the lot of 'em. I'll be riding my bike from Colfax to my house and see like 7 young men just sitting around on their porch. Oh, they're just friends, hanging out, shootin' the breeze, you say...No these are surely gangsters because I heard that the neighborhood near Federal has gangs and it's just not normal for people to be spending time with each other like that. You always see people sitting on their chairs on their porch. They say hi to their neighbors and smile, but they're really out there, making sure no gangsters come and catch them unawares inside their house.

It's dangerous too when you compare it to a foam padded room. People drive fast on 25mph roads, causing all kinds of unsightful (or is it unhearingful) noise. Some nit-pick really should talk to the city of Denver and get a noise ban after 7:00 pm because all of us people want to be able to sit inside our houses and watch our MTV in peace and quiet. The neighborhood is so dangerous that I heard a guy talking at a Habitat for Humanity project saying that his friends refused to come work on a house with 10 other people for the day because they were just too afraid they might get shot or something like that. People just fear for their lives when they come to my neighborhood.

People exaggerate and it doesn't matter to me because I love my neighborhood.

On a lighter note...

I want to give a shout-out to whoever's reading my blog from Denmark. Go Denmark for being the coolest country starting with the letter D! Yes, I think you're even cooler than Djibouti. Sorry, Master D.

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