Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day -5

A self-supported bike tour takes a lot of stuff. For the edification of the bike touring aspirants (which I technically still am) reading this blog, I've included an approximate inventory of everything I'm bringing plus or minus a few things.

1 Surly Crosscheck Bike-To get from point A to point B
2 Ortlieb Rear Panniers-Hold stuff
2 Arkel Front Panniers-Hold more stuff
1 Cycling Gloves-Keep hands comfy
2 Bike Racks-I need something to mount my moose antlers on
3 Sport Water Bottles-Because I need water
2 Nalgene Water Bottles-California is hot
1 Spare Tube-Flat tires happen
1 Patch kit-I'm too cheap to buy new tubes
1 Bike Computer-Tells me how fast I can go down hills
1 Chain Lube-Keeps my chain from squeaking
1 Pump-Turns out, tires don't work well without air
1 Helmet-I feel irresponsible without one

1 Tent-(Thanks dad!)-I don't like being rained on when I sleep
1 Jetboil Stove w/ Pot & Fuel-To make coffee...oh and food.
1 Sleeping Pad-Slightly more comfortable than a carpeted floor
1 Coffee Cup-Helpful for maintaining my addiction
2 Bowls-Gotta balance the calories
1 Sleeping Bag-Stay warm at night
1 Flashlight-I'm afraid of the dark
1 Tent Footprint-Pools are for the day time when you feel like swimming, not for when you're sleeping.
3 Sacks for Tent and stuff-I will drive myself crazy if I'm not organized
1 Pillow-Because the gluteus maximus is not behind the head.
1 Lighter-The best part about camping is campfires.
1 Coffee Filter-Because coffee is better in liquid form
1 Waterproof Bag for Pad-It's Washington...and Oregon...and I don't have room in my panniers for my pad.

1 Bike Tool Kit-In case I accidentally rip my chain in half with my bare hands
1 Allen Wrench-Because I'm paranoid that I'll need it for tightening my crank.
1 Crescent Wrench-Stupid little bolts on the racks
1 Gerber Multitool-I needed a bottle opener for beer, a knife for peanut butter and a saw in case I have to cut my arm off.

1 Long-sleeve shirt-I like staying warm
4 T-Shirts-Except on hot days when I don't feel like going shirt-less
2 Cycling Shorts-They're padded :)
1 Cycling Pants-They're not padded :( but they're warm!
1 Beanie-Cold ears are no fun
1 Warm Gloves-Cold fingers are the worst
7 Underwear-It's nice to have underwear
7 Cotton/Polyester Socks-Socks are the most wonderful clothing piece
1 Wool Socks-Wool socks are even better
1 Sunglasses-Trying to keep my 20/20 vision
1 Sandals-Cycling shoes aren't very comfortable
1 Cycling Shoes-Sandals don't work very well for riding a bike
1 Rain Jacket-Oregon and Washington...It's inevitable
1 Cycling Cap-Gotsta represent with my Alaska cap
1 Polyester Hiking Pants-They're my church pants
1 Polyester Shorts-They're my church shorts
1 Swimming Trunks-I should probably jump in at some point
1 Polypro Shirt-More keeping warm
1 Polypro Pants-ditto

5 Adventure Cycling Maps-In case this map isn't good enough:

3 Chapsticks-Burning lips are no fun
1 Sunblock-When I was a sophomore in high school I got blisters in California
1 First Aid Kit-Bandaids make everything feel better
1 Toothpaste-To counteract the coffee
1 Toothbrush-It works better than a finger
1 Floss-It works better than a bungee cord
1 Deodorant-In case I encounter any humans along the way
1 Shaving Razor-Because attempting to grow a beard would just be ugly
1 Shaving Cream-It's nice
1 Harmonica-I would drive myself crazy without an instrument to play
1 Route Book-So I know what the pacific coast was like in 1994
1 MP3 Player-My screen quit working so I need to learn how to use it without seeing anything
1 Camera-To take pictures of the hipsters in Portland
1 Journal-For writing stuff
1 Toilet Paper-Because nature is my outhouse.

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  1. It surprises me that food did not make the list.