Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 2

On day 2 I went from Birch Bay State Park to Bay View State Park. The ride to Bellingham is pretty uneventful. There are several farms and houses, but nothing incredibly interesting. As I approached Bellingham I felt a great feeling of reminiscence when I saw a Fred Meyer, which is the northwest's version of Target. I was guaranteed to forget something back in Denver and the things I forgot were my cell phone cable, camera cable, and mp3 cable. So I spent a ridiculous $30 on a cell phone charger.

The ride through Bellingham was nice, because cities are a lot of fun to ride through and Bellingham is small enough to not be intimidating. I stopped at the library to use their internet. I asked the librarian about the internet and she started making conversation about my bike tour. For some reason I felt like I was in a huge hurry so I had to catch myself and just take the time to talk to her, which was nice.

The ride south of Bellingham is nice because you're traversing along a steep slope with lots of moss covered trees on both sides. Some sections were clear enough to the west that I could see out to the sound and see all the islands. I had to pay for the good views by going up and down several climbs, which allowed me to use my brand new 30 tooth granny gear...I'm gonna need a smaller gear. I stopped at a park with a pavilion and stole their electricity:
A sight that will be very common over the next month

After passing through some flat farmland, I arrived at Bay View State Park and chose my spot.

I went down to the beach because I had lots of time before sunset and did some reading in my book "Eldest." The beach was pretty.


  1. You need a solar panel recharger on your pack or the back of your bike. Then you'd arrive for the night with your cell phone and MP3 already charged! :) Looks like a great first couple of days. We're looking forward to following the rest of your journey.

  2. Crazy amazinG! Jerm here saying wow. I couldn't do that with little Sarah!

  3. I could not find all the parts to my solar panel charger. Sorry my friend. Stay safe. Garett