Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Con Artist Gets to Celebrate Mardis Gras

As most of you know, I ride the bus from Denver to Golden almost every day. You may also know that weird people live in big cities like Denver. You may also know that one of the best places to find weird people in a city is on the bus. If you are familiar with Denver, you know that the concentration of weird people increases as you approach Colfax. Well, luckily for me, being a weird person enthusiast, I ride the bus that goes all the way down Colfax every day.

I've done my fair share of dropping eaves. I've been informed of more than a couple places to get free weed. I've witnessed drug dealings in the back of the bus. I've seen a crazy woman run like mad at a man in the back of the bus, was topsized by the man, and soon was recognized as one of the man's good friends. I've seen several drunks fall into the arms of an unsuspecting old woman, innocently sitting on the side of the bus. Anyways, I've seen lots of weird people on the bus.

On Sunday morning, I got on the bus to Golden for church. I sat on the left side of the bus, not far from the front. I was just sitting there, listening to my music when a man came up from behind and sat in the seat across the aisle.

Hey man, you know Mardis Gras is coming up and I don't have any beads to wear or anything. Do you have some money you could give me so I can go get some Mardis Gras decorations?

What did you say you needed the money for!?

Mardis Gras decorations.

Sorry man, I'm not going to give you money for Mardis Gras decorations.

---Silence for a few seconds---

I didn't really need the money for decorations. I need it for food.

---The man stuck out his lower lip---

Why didn't you say that in the first place.

I didn't want you to think that I was some drunk.

---Silence...Sad face---

Let me see if I have any money...Here you go.

---No response, no thanks---

---Mexican man walks down the aisle---

Hey man, do you know where the nearest dispensary is?

---Absolutely huge smile on my face. No anger whatsoever. Simply in awe of the man's audacity---

Some lucky con artist is three dollars closer to smoking a bowl for Mardis Gras!

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