Wednesday, February 9, 2011

51 Days

51 days. That's how long it is till the Rockies' first game. Now that the football season is officially over, many people find themselves asking, "Is it baseball season yet?" Like a little child on a road trip to Disney World. While I very much enjoy watching basketball and hockey this time of year, I fully sympathize with these people who can't wait for the baseball season to start. Here's my top 10 reasons I can't wait for baseball to start.

10. An excuse to eat seeds. Sunflower seeds bring back great memories of my days as a pinch hitter. I thought being a pinch hitter was lame at first, but then I realized, wait, I get to eat seeds during the boring half of the inning, then hit baseballs and run the bases during the fun half. Perfect.

9. Always having something to watch on TV. Usually there's a Rockies game on 5 or 6 days a week. No other sport can have that many games a week because, well, baseball isn't exactly tiring unless you're a pitcher. I never have to worry about keeping myself entertained when I get home. But this can be one of my biggest weaknesses for getting anything done in the evenings and then getting to bed at a decent hour.

8. When baseball season starts, you know it's summer. Few things represent summer as well as baseball.

7. Riding my bike to Coors Field. This is my favorite bike ride near my house. I get on the Platte River trail and take that to Cherry Creek. Take the cherry creek trail to Wynkoop St. and cruise through the city blocks till I get to Coors Field. It's a fun 4 mile ride and the ride home is always very relaxing in the cool evenings.

6. Eating at Illegal Pete's before the game, listening to a guy play the same 2 songs on his trumpet, then listening to the crazy preacher on the sidewalk.

5. Watching Carlos Gonzalez hit a home run.

4. Going to Rockies games without spending a fortune on my tickets like I would going to Nuggets, Broncos, or Avs games. One of the benefits of liking a less-than-wildly-popular baseball team.

3. Shouting from right field, "Comoooooooooon Jimenez," wondering if he can hear us, then looking straight down to see who's warming up in the bullpen.

2. Applying copious amounts of sunscreen and enjoying the blazing sun on a hot day game.

1. It's baseball. How could you not be excited?

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  1. Want to go to Tuscon for some Spring Training?