Tuesday, August 31, 2010


My favorite coffee cup. It’s my favorite because I like the tall, but wide shape, the rooster, the lip, and the fact that the inside is colored.

I’m about to start a new life. Since I was 4 years old, my life has been nothing but school (That’s 19 years now) and I’m finally done…for good. I have no job lined up, but thankfully the school paid me way more than I needed for my living situation during grad school, so I was able to save up a LOT of money to just live off of once I’m done with school. I have no job lined up, just a place to live for as long as I can keep paying rent.
In light of my lack of job, being fully aware that I’m going to be bored beyond my imagination, I put together some things that I want to do every week so I can at least look back on my time being unemployed and say I accomplished something. One of my plans is to write a blog, at least 2
entries per week. If you like my writing, then get mad at me when I start slacking. If you hate my writing then send me a note thanking me for quitting to spout out word after word of nonsense. I don’t have a plan for the subject of this blog, but I’ll let you know when I decide…maybe. It’ll probably have something to do with Physics, Bikes, God, Coffee, Baseball, Romance, My Hatred for Computers, How Delicious Food Is, Mountains, Living in Denver, Music, My Favorite Books, or My Passion for Online Flash Games.

Hopefully I don’t bore you to death.

P.S. My name is Jon Banks. I’m almost not a Mines student anymore who used to study physics. I live in Denver. I do stuff that I do and passionately don’t care about things I don’t care about.

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  1. It's like having a public Journal! Thats kinda the same reasons why I started blogging today. I left Mines... and wanted to keep track of my life of guitar building, wild ideas, discovered humor and maybe lead a group of blog readers to in my quest of world domination.