Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How to Make Tacos

When I cook, I only have about 5 different dishes I ever make regularly. One of my favorites is tacos. I used to use taco seasoning to season the meat, but due to lack of taco seasoning I started seasoning the meat on my own and I absolutely love the tacos that I make now. Here's how to make them.
  1. Cook a half of a pound of ground beef. Don't overcook it and leave enough fat in there to keep it from getting dry. Add water if you need more moisture.
  2. Salt-Add until it's salty enough.
  3. Chili Powder-Add until it looks pretty. Pretty looking meat is extremely important.
  4. Paprika-Add whatever feels right.
  5. Cayenne Pepper-Make it more spicy than you think you should make it.
  6. Assemble tacos using soft flour tortillas (I learned that fried corn tortillas are far superior, thanks to Bill E., but require more time and effort), lettuce, tomatoes, onions, salsa, Mexican style sour cream (it's significantly better than the regular stuff), and lots of cheese (in the style of Jelly Roll Morton).
  7. Fold taco in half like a hard shell taco and eat.
  8. Let whoever you cooked for do the cleaning. If you did a good job, they'll be glad to do this.
These are delicious and I'm actually very proud of these tacos. Let me know if you actually try it out. I'd be ecstatic if somebody actually used my recipe.

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